About Us

Flowers! Who doesn't love flowers?! They smell amazing AND look amazing!

Hello Beautiful People!
My name is Brittany, and by nature I have always been drawn to anything artistic that allows me the capability to express myself in one form or the other. Over the years I continually find myself drawn to the aesthetics of floral's, not to mention the aroma that comes with it, both dried and fresh! My goal is to bring you a sliver of my happiness through my work.  
What do we do?!
Online Store: Our online store features preserved and dried pieces that are ready made for purchase as well as fresh florals that are made to order.  These items are available for shipping across the U.S or local delivery in the St. Petersburg area.
Permanent Installs and displays: Fresh or Dried and Preserved floral hanging or attached installations for that extra magical touch to any space! They can be temporary, everlasting, and even revamped to freshen or switch up their looks!
Permanent Vase displays starting at: $250
Permanent Installations between $850 to $5000.
Weddings and Private Event Packages
All Dried and Preserved Floral Packages: $2000 and up
Mixed Dried and Fresh Florals: $1800 and up
All Fresh Florals: $1200 and up
Love Always,